The 1st International КРУЗЕНШТЕРН / EuRun-BIS Masterclass

A unique opportunity to access an intensive course on “Banking, Finance and Unconventional Risk Transfer”, being trained by a team of best qualified professors, from some of the most prestigious EU HEIs and Enterprises, and spend a week on board of one of the largest traditional sailing vessels still in operation

The course aims to provide participants a deep insight and understanding the complexity of the financial markets after the Global Financial Crisis. Both students and working professionals will become familiar with the structural institutional and regulatory changes in international financial markets. The course includes the most challenging topics that students in economics, finance and business studies should master, and provide them with a strategic approach to the unconventional risk management and financing opportunities.

The fact that the course is taught by the experts from academia and professionals who have an extensive working experience in the international financial institutions, guarantees that the participants are offered cutting-edge knowledge in the selected financial and business topics. This fact will enhance also student employability skills in a highly competitive market.

The maritime/sailing training offered in bundle makes this a unique opportunity in the landscape of available intensive courses in Banking and Finance.

A certification is awarded upon the completion of the course.   


Download a copy of the poster here ...


Faculty ...

Maurizio POMPELLA  (Coordinator) 

EuRun-BIS founder. Full Professor of Financial Intermediaries Economics at School of Economics and Management, University of Siena (Italy). Editor of the Palgrave Studies in Risk and Insurance. He has been teaching Banking, Finance, and Insurance at graduate and post-graduate level in Italy, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Russian Federation, and China.

Maurizio is currently Dean of the MSc in Economics and Management of Financial Intermediaries, at the University of Siena. His areas of expertise include Financial Intermediaries Economics, Insurance Economics, Structured Finance, Alternative Risk Transfer, Banking and Monetary Economics. Maurizio is a sailor / sailing instructor also, and participated in some of the most prestigious regattas of Mediterranean, such as the "Giraglia Rolex".


Full Professor of Banking and Finance and Deputy Director of Kent Business School (UK), responsible for international collaboration and partnership. Member of Chartered Association of Business Schools (ABS) International Committee. Associate Editor, Journal of Banking and Finance. Roman served as Head of Research and Director of the Research Centre for EMEA Banking, Finance and Economics.

His research is predominantly focused on theoretical and empirical inquiry into issues of international banking, bank regulation, microeconomics of banking and monetary policy. Roman was a Visiting Research Fellow at London Business School, Birmingham University. He received a prestigious Pew Fellowship from Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, (USA). Roman was also a Visiting Professor at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.


IDP European Consultants (Belgium), Senior Partner. MA in International Economics and Relations from the Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC (USA). Over 20 years of international experience in project financing and innovation. He serves as external expert for the European Commission on various aspects of Risk Finance and Alternative Finance for innovation: Chairman “Access to Risk Finance” Advisory Group of the European Commission (2013-2018).

Member of the Steering Committee of the EU Commission on “EU Investment in Venture Capital and Other Risk Capital Fund of Funds”; Member of the EU Commission’s Expert Group “Final Evaluation of the Fast Track to Innovation Pilot”; member of the EU Commission Expert Group to assess the Investment Potential of innovative SMEs. Previously worked as a Consultant for the Finance and Private Sector Development Unit of the World Bank, 2001-2015.


Logistics ...

The Kruzenshtern will sail out of the Faroe Islands on June the 6th and will land in the harbor of Bordeaux (France) on June the 14th.  Please find below information on how to reach the harbor of departure.  We remain available to provide additional customized information to perspective participants.  When timely planned, flights to the Faroe Island and out of France can be relatively convenient, so we invite participants to start planning their travels in due time.

How to reach the Faroe Islands:

you can reach the Froe Islands with flights from various European cities such as Copenhagen (Denmark), Reykjavik (Iceland), Edinburgh (Scotland), and Bergen (Norway). The local airline Atlantic Airways offers seasonal flights from Barcelona, Canary islands, Mallorca, Crete and Malta.  Also, check the schedule of Scandinavian Airline for the direct flights from Copenhagen


Enrollment fees: the fee to enroll to the KEmasterclass is set at 2.500 EUR.  The deadline to enroll is March 12, 2018. 

The following reductions apply: 10% reduction from more participants from the same organisation; 10% reduction for those registrations completed by February the 28th, 2018; Early Bird >>>promotional<<< 1.900 EUR for those registrations completed by February the 14th.


The price includes:

i- all training sessions

ii- maritime educational program in accordance with the schedule;

iii- the administration of the group (English speaking leader);

iv- accommodation in a cabin for 8-12 people;

v- meals (4 times x day at the sea, 3 x in the port);

vi- branded t-shirt and vest; sea insurance;

vii- providing VISA support (invitation from the ship for a visa).

The price does not include flights to Faroe / from France and transfers.